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Pre-Roll Automatic Cone Filler Grinder


Grinder Fills Up To 8 Rolls
Pre-Roll Cone Roller And Spice Grinder
Our Grinders feature A Magnetic Lid with precision Sharp Teeth to Shred Herbs With Ease Even When Fresh
herb grinder, roller, and packer storage that ensures a mess-free rolling experience!
All-in-one and Portable, Grind & Pack your Perfect Roll in A Flash
A High-Quality Grinder Can Make a Big Difference in Your Smoking Experience
Colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Red.

Made of Non-fragile Plastic (PC) Durable and High-Quality
4-layer Tobacco Leaves/ Herbs Grinder
Portable and Lightweight, Easy to Use Has a Smooth Grind
Weight Approx. 3.4 ounces.