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Burning Skull Silicone Bong / Water Bubbler Bong


Introducing Our HALLOWEEN Collection Mini Burning Skull Silicone Bong This is a Beautiful Water Bong This Cute Compact Bong is Designed To Deliver Smooth and Flavorful Hits While Capturing The Imagination
What better way to set the mood than a night of bingeing scary movies and bong hits from a Fire Burning Skull Pipe? Experience the Thrilling Fusion of Horror and Smoking Pleasure With the Stoners Rotation Skull Water Pipe
Bong Water Pipe Bubbler Bong
5 Inches / 4.3 Ounces
This Bong is Unbreakable, Making it Perfect For Those Who Are Clumsy or Want To Take It on The Go. The Bong is Made of Food-Grade Silicone, , The Bottom Part Comes off For Easy Clean
Tobacco Pipes Are For Tobacco Use Only.
You Must Be 21 Or Older To Purchase