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7 Piece Cute Girly Handmade Rolling Tray Set


Pink 7-Piece Girly Rolling Tray Set Handmade Epoxy Rolling Tray Set Smoke Kit

Large Size 11.5×7.5 Handmade Rolling Tray Set
High-Quality Unique of kind Smokers Gift Set

Set Includes:
🌺 1x Rolling Tray
🌺 1x Glass Stash Jar
🌺 1x Glass Ashtray
🌺 1x Cute Silicone Knuckle Chillumx
🌺 1x Stash Tube
🌺 1x Cute Pink Rolling Paper
🌺1x Dice Roach Clip

Care instructionsDice Roach Clip:
NOT Dishwasher Safe.
NOT Microwave Safe
DO NOT Soak in Water
DO NOT Scrub With Abrasive Dish Washing Liquids

Tobacco Pipes Are For Tobacco Use Only.
You Must Be 21 Or Older To Purchase